Alamo's Boulevard of Trees

The Boulevard of Trees Project, which was headed by the late Andrew H. Young, strove to beautify Alamo by planting trees along Danville Boulevard. The project was active from 1987-2005 with the mission of enhancing and preserving the rural character of Alamo.

Andrew H. Young, Wanda Longnecker and
Win Haagensen planting trees in August 1990
Click here to view the Danville Weekly article on the Boulevard of Trees tagging project.

The original brochure for the Alamo Boulevard of Tree Project described the effort as "Dedicated to replanting the once beautiful natural tree canopy the entire length of Danville Boulevard in Alamo."

Click here to view the text of the original brochure including the list of Endorsers (pdf).

Alamo residents, along with groups and organizations, were offered the opportunity to purchase trees as a dedication. A single tree could be purchased for $100. A single tree including maintenance for 3 years could be purchased for $250. Trees could also be dedicated to a loved one or in memory of a person.

Click here to view the Tree Dedication list from 1989 to 1993 (pdf).

Gracious thanks is offered to Diane Barley for providing original documents which were scanned to provide this information on the website.